Let your imagination fly – Sculptures by Mi Kuoppa

Kaipaus (Longing) and Mi Kuoppa

Kaipaus (Longing) and Mi Kuoppa

This week I had a chance to visit Galleria 4-kuus in Helsinki.  I knew that my good old friend Mi Kuoppa was exhibiting her sculptures there jointly with six other artists. – And just by accident I happened to meet her in person there!

This exhibition is called “2nd round: Bronze and Steel”. It is open until December 6 . Still one week left, see it if you just can!

Mi uses mainly bronze in her work. I like the intimate touch in her sculptures. When you have a close look at these small works of art, you can see lovely details. I give you some examples.

Below are three sculptures, Talvi-Illusia, Snoukka-Pessi and Bambin haltiatar.

The names and characters of the first two are originating from a famous Finnish children book Pessi and Illusia, published 1944. The book has inspired many other artists and forms of art, e.g. children theatre. Mi has added some wintery (skating), modern (snowboarding) and playful elements to these characters.

Everybody knows Bambi from the Disney’s film. A fairy is a mythological form of a spirit. We can just wonder what these two are discussing about …

Enjoy Mi’s art!

Talvi-Illusia (Winter Illusia)

Talvi-Illusia (Winter Illusia)

Snoukka-Pessi (Snowboarding Pessi)

Snoukka-Pessi (Snowboarding Pessi)

Bambin haltiatar (Bambi's Fairy)

Bambin haltiatar (Bambi’s Fairy)

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3 Responses to Let your imagination fly – Sculptures by Mi Kuoppa

  1. dianaed2013 says:

    Congratulations on the photography it does the Sculptor justice

  2. Objects of rare beauty. Bronze is amazing…

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