Taking easy in Tigre and Paraná Delta, Argentina

Now it is a hot summer in Buenos Aires in Argentina. So it is time to go to Tigre.

Tigre is a town in the Buenos Aires Province. Because Tigre is close to Buenos Aires, it is a popular weekend and free time destination for the people living in the capital area of Argentina. – A splendid way to get there is the scenic train, Tren de la Costa.

In Tigre, if you are hungry for the arts, you can visit the Tigre Municipal Museum of Fine Art (Museo de Arte Tigre). It was opened in 2006 and located inside Tigre Club, a stunning belle-époque building, opened already 1912.

The home of the Buenos Aires Rowing Club is in Tigre. Founded 1873 it is the oldest nautical club in Argentina.

For most of the people the reason to come to Tigre is the Paraná Delta of the Paraná River. There you can spend a day rowing, paddling or enjoying the lush greenery. You can also rent a room in one of the many retreats and spas opened during recent years.

The New York Times has published a good story about the tour to the delta. Read that if you are planning to go there.


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