Not enough water to fill the icy rapids

Finland has been under an arctic high pressure during the last weeks. Temperatures have dropped below -20 celsius in large parts of the country.

The freezing started after a rainy and warm autumn and December. The discharge of the rivers were high when they got the first ice cover. Now, after some dry and cold weeks, there is much less water in most of the smaller rivers.

I took these pictures last weekend at Myllykoski rapids in the river Hirvihaaranjoki in the southern Finland. You can see the half a meter drop in water level at some part of the rapids.

This part of the river is one of my favorite shooting locations, I have posted pictures of that several times.


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2 Responses to Not enough water to fill the icy rapids

  1. Rigby says:

    Those columns/stalactite structures are amazing, like great crystal bells swaying as the water rushes by beneath. And the fringe at the edge of the hole. Truly remarkable. Take care you don’t get too close and tumble in, it must be very cold.

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