Only … in Chicago

Chicago 2010. No specific reason for an empty street.

But that was a good (and maybe the only) reason to take a photo or two …




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6 Responses to Only … in Chicago

  1. afcrawley says:

    love the first photo!

  2. Rigby says:

    What an astonishing – almost surreal depiction of historical, lineal and atmospheric perspective. A brilliant photograph – starting with naturally occurring sepia tints suitable to the older buildings in the foreground, then merging to the blues of stark modernity, leading to a vague, apparently empty future.
    Those stretch limousines are hoot. The chassis must be incredibly strong – and heavy – to support that long middle section. Despite that, they always seem to be sagging slightly in the middle, which makes them seem ridiculous rather than glamorous. I was conveyed in one around Hong Kong a few years ago, and eventually asked the driver if I could sit up in front with him as the view was better and it was impossible to talk to him from so far away at the back.

    • I’m very pleased you noticed the subtle coloring of the picture, and the whole analysis is great, opening new thoughts and meanings. – Thank you, Rigby.

  3. mrsbearfoot says:

    Can’t say I’ve ever seen an empty street in Chicago. I think you captured something special! 🙂

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