Frigyes Pleszkán, Hungarian piano prodigy

Frigyes Pleszkán in Pori Jazz, July 18, 1976

Frigyes Pleszkán in Pori Jazz, July 18, 1976

Hungarian Frigyes Pleszkán (1959-2011) was known as a young age virtuoso jazz pianist. He began studying the piano at the age of eight, and held his first concert at the age of eleven. Same year in December 1970 Plezskán recorded from the radio the concert Oscar Peterson Trio had in Budapest. Pleszkán learned to play the pieces by ear, which opened him the doors to Béla Bartók Music Institute.

I took the picture above at Pori Jazz Festival 1976, where Frigyes Pleszkán had a solo concert at the age of 17. He was then marketed as the “Hungarian piano prodigy.” In the following video he plays at the age of 18 year 1977.

Pleszkán moved in the late 1980’s into West Europe, where he played mainly in restaurants and bars. He returned to Hungary for a short period of time in 1996, but soon moved back to Switzerland where he lived until he ended his life at the age of 51.

Pleszkán recorded one album with Gonda Janos and John Richard Kruz (Keyboard Music 1985) and four solo albums (Fingerprints 1995, Second Step 1996, Pearls In Boogie Shell 1998 and Magic Hands 1999).

There is very little information about Pleszkán’s life and music. I have mainly use the following sources:


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