Hipster bike?

20131208-G15-6556Only in Berlin?



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4 Responses to Hipster bike?

  1. delimaf says:

    Great shot! Thank you!

  2. Rigby says:

    I’m obviously missing something. Hipsters are trousers with the top cut low so they sit low on your hips, very popular in the 1970s. Nothing like the current fashion of wearing normal trousers so low the crotch dangles around the knees looking pretty silly. Ours were crotch hugging and when worn with an abbreviated tank top, were frequently low enough to expose a buttock cleavage. This bicycle with no mudguards would spray mud up the back in the rain. It’s beautiful – white and gold, did you mean Hippie, perhaps? although it seems a little too classy for them. The collected leaves are a welcome touch of colour in an otherwise bleak spot. Very nice.

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