Steve Turre, trombone and seashells

On 30th of April we celebrated International Jazz Day, third time since 2012, with the lead of Herbie Hancock, the Goodwill Ambassador of Unesco. The main concert was in Osaka, Japan. This week I was glad to get the link to the concert recording via my YouTube subscription:

The concert started with unusual jazz instruments: Steve Turre, a well-known trombonist played seashells with taiko drummers. From Wikipedia:

Turre has a collection of shells of various sizes, most of which picked up by him during his travels in the Caribbean and elsewhere. The shells have their mouthpieces carefully cut and are tuned to specific pitches. When playing them as a soloist he frequently switches between shells, as each is limited in its register.

Steve Turre (b. 1948), who has his roots in Italy and Mexico, started to play trombone already at the age of 10. He is one of today’s most versatile trombonists. He has played e.g. in Saturday Night Live Band since 1985.

The video brought up good memories about Steve Turre. I was happy to listen and photograph him in April Jazz 2013 in Espoo, Finland.



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  1. delimaf says:

    Great posting, Olli! Thank you!

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