Simon Phillips, the Drummer

A year ago The Trio Project lead by Japanese pianist Hiromi was performing in April Jazz in Espoo, Finland. The other two members of the band are Anthony Jackson in bass and Simon Phillips in drums.

I have earlier posted pictures of Hiromi. Because all the members of The Trio Project are not only great musicians but also very photogenetic, here is blog post dedicated to Simon Phillips (born 6 February 1957) who is a prominent English rock and jazz drummer. He has been working with Hiromi since 2010.

(Click any picture to see it larger.)
Simon Phillips in April Jazz, Finland 25 April 2013

Simon Phillips in April Jazz, Finland 25 April 2013


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3 Responses to Simon Phillips, the Drummer

  1. Rigby says:

    Backlighting produces some very photogenic effects that you have captured admirably. Have you sent any of your photographs to him? I am not an aficionado of Jazz, and wonder if the audience would be as appreciative if they had played on a bare stage with no special effects. Lighting like this would spoil rather than enhance my appreciation of, for example, a concert of eighteenth century music.

    • Well, I think a live concert is a form of art which can and shall combine both musical and visual (lights, building, staging) elements to create an all-compassing experience. I agree, that the same visual style does not fit to all styles of music.

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