Clouds are my towel

IMG_0809May I introduce my self: I’m Havis Amanda, a nude statue in Helsinki. My father is Ville Vallgren, a Finnish sculptor. I was born in Paris 1906 and moved to Helsinki in 1908 where my home is at Market Square.

At Vappu (30th of April) university students wash me thoroughly, it’s a sort of the start of summer season for me. Then I take a shower every day until autumn. I dry myself with sun, wind and clouds. During winters I’m wearing a warm snow jacket.

I like to watch people, nothing much more to do. Sometimes I let the gulls rest on my head.



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5 Responses to Clouds are my towel

  1. Alatea says:

    Wow, amazing!

  2. Rigby says:

    This is a very fine bronze. I love her proud and unflinching stance. However, I wonder why she was placed in a public place. Was she famous for anything? Is she a fertility goddess? Or a prophet of women’s lib? It’s interesting to note the change that has occurred in western countries regarding what is considered to be the ideal female form. While there has been no change in what people perceive as the ideal male body over the millennia, admired females have morphed from full-bodied, generously proportioned healthy women such as Havis Amanda, to lean, pale, frail, narrow-hipped and almost bloodless creatures such as Cate Blanchette.

    • I cite Helsinki City Art Museum: “According to Vallgren the central female figure, who has risen from the sea, symbolises Helsinki and the birth of the City.” and “Initially, maiden´s nakedness and seductiveness were considered inappropriate and the monument was strongly criticised, especially by women. However, it gradually won people’s favour and, as a consequence, has been the centre of innumerable celebrations and merrymaking for decades.”

      For those who are interested, this is a good article about the changes in women body shape during the last 100+ years:

      • Rigby says:

        “According to Vallgren the central female figure, who has risen from the sea, symbolises Helsinki and the birth of the City.”
        Of course! Now I can see it. She does rise from the sea, water dripping, triumphant. She pauses to regain her strength and gaze in satisfaction at what she has achieved. It really is very good. Thanks also for the link.

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