Berlin Photo Diary 2014 – The perspective

I spent some time in Berlin this summer. I’ll post during the coming days and weeks my views and thoughts from that visit.

* * *

What is the meaning of the perspective?

Here are two works of art in Mehringplatz, Kreuzberg in Berlin. The mural (wall painting) is made by Don John, a Danish artist, finalized just a few weeks ago in June 2014. The aluminium statue “Woher kommen wir, wohin gehen wir” (1974) on the street is by a German artist Rainer Kriester.

20140629-G16-7761Did Don John think that these two different works of art could be be combined if you you stand in a one specific spot?

20140629-G16-7764Then I stopped for a while to think what is the meaning of the colorful birds flying out of the head of the hooded person. My first thoughts: freedom to speak, equality of people, happiness of the individuality.


What do you think?


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9 Responses to Berlin Photo Diary 2014 – The perspective

  1. Rigby says:

    Thanks for these very interesting photographs!
    Colourful little parrots bursting out of the face of a slouching, hooded, possibly male figure. Quite a departure from Don Jon’s usual heavily textured, frequently sinister lineal works. Although odd, it’s not as ‘dark’ as usual.
    Do art works have to have a meaning? Most contemporary artists leave it to the viewer to take whatever meaning they choose. As you have probably guessed, my interpretation is the opposite of yours.☺ I reckon he’s saying that most people people ‘parrot’ what others say and think, instead of thinking for themselves, and so instead of being interesting individuals, they end up being no one.
    As for the placement of Kriester’s sculpture and Don Jon’s painting, even if it was deliberate you were very astute to see the possibility and make the photograph.
    And what does the sculpture mean? A pair of apparently trousered male legs, are, in reality, naked at the groin and feet, as if the only important things about us are our ability to walk and excrete. I don’t see it as sexual.
    Seen together in your excellent photograph, they make a damning portrait of ‘man’…an empty vessel full of platitudes who can only wander mindlessly.
    I like both art works enormously, although I’m probably letting my lack of empathy for the human race influence me too much in my interpretation. ☺

  2. notmsparker says:

    I had a unique chance to watch the artist paint the mural at Mehringplatz one day. My feeling, as soon as I saw it, was: you never know what´s inside the other. A hoodie, hiding the face and often suggesting potential threat can be thrown over a head of someone who´s far more gentle and with far more positive fantasy than you´d think. This mural is simply perfect:)

    • Great to get your feedback, “Ms. Kreuzberg’d”. 🙂 I’d have wanted to follow the work of Don John. And your blog is a must to read for anybody interested about Kreuzberg and Berlin in general.

  3. Adam says:

    Really like this piece, difficult to say how it moves me but it is really creative.

  4. Jason says:

    I just shared a photo of this mural. I really like this mural. Did not know that the sculpture was near by. This is now ten times greater, thanks for sharing.

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