Berlin Photo Diary 2014 – Churchill, Sadat, Katainen, Obama …

While walking randomly on the streets of Berlin, my company noted a familiar face on the wall of a hotel.

You probably know who was Winston Churchill or Anwar Sadat. And you know who is Barack Obama. But do you know who is Jyrki Katainen? I know.

Prime Minister Churchill in UK, president Sadat in Egypt and president Obama in USA were/are de facto leaders of their countries. Katainen is the ex prime minister of Finland (and the current EU economic affairs commissioner selected today).  – But in Finland we have also the president who is also the head of state above the prime minister; it is not just in a ceremonial role.

I can understand why the Hotel President in Berlin will hang the pictures of  the well-known political leaders on the wall. But why Jyrki Katainen? He is not (yet) in the same rank as the others. (Note, that I have no intention or reason to underrate the political skills or achievements of Katainen. I just don’t see the connection.)

And when the images were erected? In this Google Street View picture taken July 2008 the images are not yet there. I took the pictures below on 29 June, so something has happened during these six years.

Ok, I did not step in the hotel and ask the staff. This way it is much more mysterious …




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