Berlin Photo Diary 2014 – The Wall

Today 53 years ago, 13th of August 1961, East German started the construction of the Berlin Wall between Soviet and Western Allies ruled sides of the city. The western part was isolated for over 28 years, until November 1989.

See an animated video about the wall here.

In the picture below is a part of the Wall on Niederkirschnerstrasse. The building on the right is called The Detlev Rohwedder Building, housing today the Ministry of Finance.


The building has a grim history; it has served as the Herman Göring’s center of power during Nazi time, headquarters of the Soviet military administration after 1945, and an important administration building during East German rule 1949-1989.

The wall on Niederkirschnerstrasse. The building on the back is called The Detlev Rohwedder Building. the current Ministry of Finance, ex

The height up to 3.2 meters was enough. Also a lot of rebar (reinforcement steel bars, now exposed) were used to make the wall unbreakable.



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