Lestijoen syksy – Autumn at river Lestijoki

lesti-hunter-kartta-310511-melontareittiEn ole tänä syksynä käynyt Pikkuradan ja Lestijoen risteyksessä ihailemassa Raivion syksyä. Kuvani syyskuulta 2006 ja lokakuulta 2010 sopivat kuitenkin tähän ajankohtaan. Hieno paikka käydä milloin vain, vaikka autolla tai kanootilla.

* * *

The autumn colors at river Lestijoki starting from lake Lestijärvi in Central Finland are lovely. I took these pictures in September 2006 and October 2010 at Raivio, a location, which is a good stop during a canoeing trip, but can be reached by car as well.



Klikkaa, niin näet kuvat suurempana.  – Click to see images bigger.



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7 Responses to Lestijoen syksy – Autumn at river Lestijoki

  1. dianaed2013 says:

    Lovely colours – especially like the one with the low viewpoint but they are all enjoyable

    • I think that autumn is an underrated season. I love it. Not only because of the colors, but the overall feeling. – Thanks Diana for your comment.

  2. Rigby says:

    It is all so flat. Is it more or less at sea level and has the rising sea level had any impact yet, as it has in so many Pacific atolls? Very attractive, but I imagine if you sat on the ground for a picnic you’d get a wet behind? Are there loads of mosquitoes in some seasons? Midges? ticks?
    Deer? How deep is the lake?
    Apologies for all the questions, But the place looks both romantic and so different from what I know, I’m curious.

    • Excellent questions!

      The flatness is due to the post-glacial re-bound (http://goo.gl/q00LZo), which is a sort of reverse phenomena to the rising sea level due to climatic change (read http://goo.gl/5nrFY7). Though the distance from the location of the pictures to the river mouth is almost 100 km, it is only about 140 m above see level.

      And yes, there are all the summer friends – mosquitos, midges, ticks and flies – but you can live with them. Deers as well can be seen (and hunted). The origin of the river is Lake Lestijärvi, which is a relatively shallow, in average 3.6 m and an deepest 7 m.

      • Rigby says:

        Olli, thanks for those links. I had no idea about the amount of movement etc of the earth’s crust. it is incredibly interesting!

  3. You are so fortunate to live in a latitude where you have such brilliant autumn!

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