Travelling in Europe 1978, and about now

I was interrailing and hitchhiking in Europe in 1978.

I recently scanned some of the slides I took during the trip and wondered if could I find the same locations today. And I found, with the help of Google street view.

Some of the locations were not that easy to locate, as I had no information in the slide frames. Here are the comparisons.

Click any picture below to open the gallery.



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5 Responses to Travelling in Europe 1978, and about now

  1. I’m surprised that there is so little changed after so many years. Or did you only took the pictures which are so little changed? I would have expected the places to be busier now.

    • I wondered that too, Margot. “No changes” was not the basis for selecting these pictures. It was that I could find roughly same Google street views. There are a bunch of images which I could not relocate.

      Why so few changes over the years in these images? I can figure at least three reasons. Most of the pictures in this blog are a) iconic buildings (Paris) which tend to stay as they are, b) rather remote locations (Uig) or c) wide scenes were the details of change are not that visible.

  2. Very interesting. And good to see not much has changed…

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