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Almost twins – Koskinen & Fredricksen – Kuin kaksi marjaa

They could be twins … Hämmästyttävää yhdennäköisyyttä … Carl Fredrichsen (movie character) & Johannes Koskinen (Member of Parliament) Hannu Erkki Johannes Koskinen (born 10 December 1954 in Janakkala, Finland) is a Finnish politician and a lawyer as profession. He is a … Continue reading

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Autumn colors (Haiku) Syksyn värit

Dull and grey autumn: lack of inspiration. There are fine colors! Syksyn harmaus: näkemyksen puutetta. Värejä riittää! Haiku – Glendalough – Autumn colors

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Autumn around Glendalough Celtic Monastery, Ireland

This early November day was a bit rainy. That is quite common, especially when you are in Ireland. We were touring with Dublin Bus Tours from Dublin to Powerscourt and  Glendalough, a service which I can truly recommend. Glendalough is a location of … Continue reading

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Finnish for foreigners – Long curriculum

Compound words are common in Finnish language. Compound words can also make the language seemingly long. Although in Finnish there is theoretically no limit to the number of words in compound words, more than three components are rare. But you can … Continue reading

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Berlin Photo Diary: Windows, one open, 51 closed

Well, it does not mean much, you can keep your window open or not, or if you have a satellite disc or not. These are just two houses in Berlin, Nöldnerstraße, ex-Eastern side. Architecture of that time. But I wonder, why … Continue reading

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Walking in Powerscourt Garden and House, Ireland

Powerscourt Estate in Ireland is one of the finest gardens in the world, if you believe National Geographic listing. I believe. It is impressive. The house is less spectacular, quite a commercial – shops, restaurant – building today. It was destroyed in a fire 1974, … Continue reading

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Dj and Snow White

Seen last week in Dublin.

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