Do you like to meet Ampelmännchen?

Then go to old East Berlin. There you can meet them in many street crossings.

Ampelmännchen pedestrian signals were created in 1961 by traffic psychologist Karl Peglau. Today, in reunited Berlin, they are not only seen in pedestrian traffic lights, but also in mugs, lamps, art – you name it. These signs have become a symbol of Ostalgie.

20140629-G16-7792-Edit(The picture is a double exposure to show both ‘go’ and ‘no-go’ in the same image. The lights were working perfectly in real life.)


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Eyes and ears open. New and old. Jobs and hobbies. Pictures and music. Entertaining and serious. Change and stability. Nature and urban.
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One Response to Do you like to meet Ampelmännchen?

  1. Rigby says:

    Ah yes… I remember these. Lots of places had the green men ‘walking’ as well. I sometimes think the ‘world’ has lost a lot of fantasy and humour.

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