Walking in Powerscourt Garden and House, Ireland

Powerscourt Estate in Ireland is one of the finest gardens in the world, if you believe National Geographic listing. I believe. It is impressive.

The house is less spectacular, quite a commercial – shops, restaurant – building today. It was destroyed in a fire 1974, but has been fully renovated. The house was originally a castle built during 13th century. It has been altered several times during the last centuries.

Last week November Irish weather was kind to us, no rain, some sunshine.  A perfect opportunity for a quiet walk (not much visitors at this time of the year, I guess) in this 19 hectares (47 acres) garden. Below are some pictures of the terrace garden and lake, with statues from Greek mythology (Pegasus, Triton).

This is only a fraction of the garden. There is much more to see as well.


Panorama about the front garden of Powerscourt

Click any picture to enlarge.

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