Autumn around Glendalough Celtic Monastery, Ireland

This early November day was a bit rainy. That is quite common, especially when you are in Ireland. We were touring with Dublin Bus Tours from Dublin to Powerscourt and  Glendalough, a service which I can truly recommend.

Glendalough is a location of an early medieval monastery, established around 6th century. Walking there during this autumn day, dressed not according to the weather, I could not avoid thinking the people who lived there 10-15 hundred years ago. It has been a tough life.

Below you can see part of the ruins of St. Kevin’s Church in the glacial valley of Glendalough.

20141107-G16-0649_50The Round Tower is about 30 metres high. The roof was rebuilt in 1876 using the original stones.


Headstones in the graveyard.


On the right are the ruins of the Cathedral, the largest and most imposing of the buildings at Glendalough, in the middle of  the shades of yellows and greens of autumn in Ireland.




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