The eyes of Hämarik (Twilight)

In front of Viru shopping center in Tallinn, Estonia, you can find this lovely lady. She is Hämarik, or Twilight, a statue made by Mare Mikoff, Estonian sculptor. Especially the eyes of Hämarik got quite an attention in POTN photography forum already many years ago (see the smaller image).

A couple of weeks ago the weather was rainy in Tallinn, so a perfect time to re-shoot this tall (5 meter!) lady. Here you can see how she is protecting her head from rain in a dress made of Christmas light chains.


“Hämarik” by Mare Mikoff on 29 November 2014.

René & Peter van der Krogt have collected information about statues all over the world. I copied here the legend of Hämarik.


“Hämarik” by Mare Mikoff on 16 August 2006.

According to a legend, in ancient times Eve (Hämarik) had a task of putting out the light of the sun every evening and Dawn had to light up the fire every morning. In northern countries summer is the time of white nights. At this time the two met and gave the sun to each other, and fell in love with each other. The Creator, whom they both served, noticed that and suggested to arrange their marriage. That way they could still do their job and be happy at the same time. But lovers refused, claiming that their love would always be fresh and new, if they could forever remain just bride and bridegroom. The Creator respected their wish and blessed them.



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One Response to The eyes of Hämarik (Twilight)

  1. Rigby says:

    From the photos, it is not an attractive environment for such a statue. In English, Dawn is a name for a woman, But in Estonia it seems, Dawn is a male. Interesting. The lights are cleverly arranged. As for the eyes, she has that slightly manic look of a confirmed flirt, like the English Prince Charles’ first wife. 🙂

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