Sun was setting in the central Finland. It was around -20°C, a good weather to see atmospheric phenomena created by the ice crystals in the air.

I spotted the right sundog. They are always about 22° distant on both sides of the sun. The left sundog was not visible due to the trees. This was not a very spectacular halo, but you can get a hint what it could be.



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4 Responses to Sundog

  1. Rigby says:

    What a superb atmosphere you have captured…so still…apparently empty yet the tracks of vehicles indicate human activity. The two swathes of snow shrouded trees are a wonderful contrast to the flat land…or is it a frozen lake? The position of the sun is exactly right, and the phantom sun with its rainbow is very clear. Well done!
    Naturally, I have to find something negative, but all I can think of is that I don’t like the term sun dog… to say something is ‘a dog’ in English is to downgrade it, whereas parhelion is a beautifully expressive word.
    Enjoy 2015.

    • It’s a frozen lake with foot, ski and snowmobile tracks.

      I found a possible explanation for the word ‘sundog’ (here: “the phenomenon of false suns which sometimes attend or dog the true when seen through a mist… dog here is no doubt the same word as dag, dew or mist.” written 1882!

      New year, new exciting things ahead. Yes, I’ll enjoy. You too, Rigby!

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