From sweets to cars – Hastings 1978 and 2014

What has happened on Alexandra Road in St Leonards-on-Sea, just up from Warrior Square Station in Hastings, UK? Is it more upper class area now?

The large billboard displays candy bar, gum and sunblock cream in June 1978. In October 2014 the commercial message has changed to French car ad. The chimneys are now white. The radically (?) red house is now standard grey, actually the whole street seems to be now less colorful. The road is one way only.

Below is a picture I took in 1978, just after arriving by train to Hastings. The bush did not block the view from St Leonards Warrior Square station.


Alexandra Road, July 1978

I found the same scene using Google street view, but was not able to be exactly in the the same location, still close enough.


Alexandra Road, October 2014

Thanks to I was able to locate the scene.

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6 Responses to From sweets to cars – Hastings 1978 and 2014

  1. Rigby says:

    Fascinating. 1978 looks messy but lived in. 2014 looks neat but sterile, not helped by the lack of vegetation. In my opinion its a fairly accurate reflection of the way society has changed. It’s interesting to see how little change there has been in the external design of cars in 36 years.

  2. alinakelo says:

    The houses and cars have lost their colors. Funny enough even the advertisement is even mostly white in 2014.I’m not sure this is the way I’d prefer things to go.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m not being racist but the majority of people on that street are foreigners now the vegetation around the station is allowed to grow out of control to stop people from trespassing not so long ago the vegetation was so bad it was growing over the tunnel mouth and had to be cut back that’s how much people care of St Leonards.

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