About travel photography

Travelling and photography
are both a continuity of the past, present and future.
A travel photo, taken yesterday or decades ago,
connects this day to the past,
and gives an inspiration to visit that place in the future.

193x Terijoki

Tourists (my wife’s grandparents) in Terijoki during 1930’s.

Terijoki was the “The Riviera of Finland”during the first decades of 1900’s. It had long sandy shores, spas, wooden decorated villas and plenty of visitors.

Soviet troops occupied Terijoki during the later stages of the 2nd World War and was annexed to the Soviet Union in 1944.

We should visit Terijoki (Zelenogorsk today) one day, walk on the same sandy shores as our relatives long time ago. It is next to us, but to get there today is not that simple. It is easier to go to China, for example. Unfortunately.


About Olli Laasanen

Eyes and ears open. New and old. Jobs and hobbies. Pictures and music. Entertaining and serious. Change and stability. Nature and urban.
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2 Responses to About travel photography

  1. Rigby says:

    What a wonderful photograph. Flotsam and jetsam on the shores of a lost land. Two people gazing stoically at the future, the woman with caution, the man with at least a show of confidence. Human clothing is such a strange thing. Logically, we only need it for protection, so there’s no reason for change. But it changes constantly reflecting the times, social position and the relative status of the sexes. The man wears what looks like a WWI greatcoat and cap, with his lunch in the left pocket, a strap for the camera over his shoulder, sensible shoes and the inevitable cigarette. The woman’s hat resembles a private soldier’s helmet. Her coat is an imitation of the double breasted greatcoat, but she is prevented from being useful by having to carry her bag and wearing silly shoes. It is a bleak picture, windy and cold. A classic.

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