Jazz in front of Paul-Löbe-Haus, Berlin


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6 Responses to Jazz in front of Paul-Löbe-Haus, Berlin

  1. Rigby says:

    I wondered why everyone seems to prefer walking on dead grass instead of the concrete path, then realised they were enticed off it to put money in the open purse of the man with the golden clarinet, and then just carried on without going back to the path. Rebels :). The musician must be doing well as the grass is totally dead. What a dull scene…especially that monotonous building, They’ve adopted the Bauhaus principal that function should dictate form, but have left out the bit where style and harmony and human needs are considered.

    • Or maybe the soprano saxophone player was clever enough to select his position near the already dead grass … 😉

      The architect of Paul-Löbe-Haus is Stephan Braunfels (http://goo.gl/d7PTjG). Wikipedia: “In 1994, Braunfels’ design for the 81,000 square meter German Parliament office building – Paul Löbe Haus – was awarded first prize. The home of German Parliament’s offices and committee chambers opened in 2001 and is one of the most prominent structures in Berlin.”

      • Rigby says:

        Saxophone, of course. Clearly my appreciation of 20th century architecture is as flawed as my knowledge of Jazz. 🙂

  2. defectivebat says:

    This is a great post! I recently wrote an article about the emotions of Jazz and Improvisation. You can check it out here if you have time. Thanks for article.


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