Calling home

Tallinn, Estonia, near Balti jaam (main railway station), during early April.



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6 Responses to Calling home

  1. Rigby says:

    Oh! The poor man. It’ll be his wife calling…checking up, making sure he’s not visiting that woman down the road. “Where are you now? Who is with you? Don’t forget to buy the endives!”
    The horror of being available every minute of the day or night spalls me. Today’s children will never know the bliss of escaping from the crowd, of finding a quiet spot where that can feel alone and at peace. If their phone is switched off that means they’re doing something bad.
    The monochrome, that claustrophobic wall of logs, the dead trees and bleak institutional style building compound the sadness.
    I’m so glad I grew up and matured before the age of perpetual communication.
    Great photo, Thanks.

  2. I love the contrast and clarity! The exposure is perfect & it’s a very nicely composed image.

  3. thegreyeye says:

    Wow, I was seeing a program in a university of Estonia, now I see it is a.beautiful country

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