The magic of the eyes (Koopa Galerii)

How mesmerizing animal sculptures! Look at their eyes, they are alive!

"Tuutu" by Ülle Sink

“Tuutu” by Ülle Sink

Estonian artist Ülle Sink and Aare Freimann have created these very unique ceramic artworks. I have visited their showroom Koopa Galerii twice and was glad to have a short chat with both artists.

During your next visit to Tallinn, Estonia, I strongly suggest you visit their art gallery at Toom-Kooli 13 on the western side of the Old Town.

* * *

Artwork of Ülle Sink

Ülle Sink

Ülle Sink and “Artur”

 Artwork of Aare Freimann

Aare Freimann

Aare Freimann and “Waldemar”

* * *

Entry to Koopa Galerii

Entry to Koopa Galerii


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2 Responses to The magic of the eyes (Koopa Galerii)

  1. They are wonderful! Thanks for sharing 😀

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