B.B. King – my first LP love

It was year 1973. My mother got a simple record player as a gift being a long-time employee of the Post of Finland (as far as I remember).

The radio has been my access to the music, but now I had a record player. But no records. I saw the opportunity. Luckily the mail order worked. I made my first order. It was B.B. King‘s album “Guess Who”. I marked the approximate time on the album cover. I still have this album.

B.B. King passed away two days ago, 14th of May. Now it’s a good time to play the album again, as a homage to the King of Blues.

20150516-5D2-3793 20150516-5D2-3796

Listen The King playing the title track of the album here:

Someone really loves you
Guess who, guess who
Someone really cares
Guess who

So open your heart
Oh, then surely you’ll see
That the someone who really cares is me

Read more: B.B. King – Guess Who? Lyrics | MetroLyrics


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