Copse snail (lehtokotilo)

The peak time of copse snails (Arianta arbustorum) is now. It is one of the most widespread species for Central Europe, also in Finland. Near our home you cannot avoid seeing – or even stepping on – them. You can also eat those. – These gastropods I photographed today early evening.

* * *

Nyt ei voi välttyä näkemästä syötäväksikin sopivia lehtokotiloita, jos tarkkailee Etelä-Suomen polun varsien isolehtisiä kasveja. Valokuvasin nämä yksilöt tänä iltana Espoon Laajalahdessa.


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Eyes and ears open. New and old. Jobs and hobbies. Pictures and music. Entertaining and serious. Change and stability. Nature and urban.
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2 Responses to Copse snail (lehtokotilo)

  1. Ah, the one with the magenta (don’t know the term, the leaf’s veins, so to say) is a true stunner. Bon appetit!

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