Below the clouds and water – Pilvien ja pinnan alla

Water and clouds are / part of the same great cycle. / Man-made things will sink.

Järvet ja pilvet, / osa kokonaisuutta. / Esine hukkuu.

Lestijärvi, Finland, July 2015

Lestijärvi, Finland, July 2015

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4 Responses to Below the clouds and water – Pilvien ja pinnan alla

  1. Rigby says:

    This somewhat surreal waterscape evokes nervous tranquillity. The smooth surface of the lake seems to ripple anxiously as heavy clouds loom on the horizon. Ominous mauve clouds directly overhead that have been cut from the print, remain visible, reflected in the water at our feet. A submerged, apparently new jetty appears to tilt. Slippery. Yes indeed…man-made things will sink, and take us with them if we’re not careful. I wonder what are those dark, forested lumps? Isolated rocky islets?
    In the water, delicate, ephemeral reeds emphasise the heavy darkness of spruce forests fronted by ancient, smooth boulders.
    A remarkable and slightly unsettling composition with a wide variety of light and texture. I want to dive into that water and float among the reflections…but I suppose it’s freezing.

  2. I’m glad you picked three (for me) very important things from this picture: surreal, ephemeral and variety of light and texture. – And I swam in the lake …

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