Poster war: Soviet Union versus United States

Two posters, two superpowers, two objects … two success?

* * *

“No!” by V. I. Govorkov (1954)

The first poster “нет!” (“No!”) I saw in flea market in Estonia. It has been drawn by Russian V. I. Govorkov, who was active from early 1930’s to late 1960’s.

Anti-alcohol posters were popular in the Soviet Union, but did those help to reduce drinking? According to the statistics, no. Russia is the fourth in alcohol consumption in the world.

The picture has been taken through the window (you see the reflections), and the colors have faded. You can see it in full, original color e.g. here.

* * *

“We Can Do It!” by J. Howard Miller (1943)

The second “We Can Do It!” I saw on the wall of a pottery workshop in Finland.  It is painted by J. Howard Miller (1918-2004) in 1943 for the wartime propaganda, to raise the workers’ morale.

So how did Miller’s war morale boosting work? Were Americans more successful in the global war scene?  Well, hard to judge the success, but at least they were and still are very active in military operations.

* * *

So who wins, “No!” or “We Can Do It!” Web can decide, so I use TinEye image search to find the result:

  • “No!” gets 1,568 hits.
  • “We Can Do It!” gets 2,642 hits – and wins this competition.

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