Blacksmith – Kyläseppä

Blacksmith showed his skills during a country fair last August in Mäntsälä, Finland.

Seppä esitteli taitojaan elokuun maalaismarkkinoilla Sepänmäen käsityömuseossa Mäntsälässä. 



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7 Responses to Blacksmith – Kyläseppä

  1. Reminds me of Game of Thrones. Being a blacksmith is tough work though.

  2. Rigby says:

    A very fine photograph in every respect, lighting, textures, tones, space, atmosphere. It’s easy to feel nostalgic for such scenes, but as Sulaiman says, it’s a tough job, and the social conditions in which blacksmiths were essential were unpleasant in the extreme. It does seem a pity, though, that almost all the manual skills that kept humans surviving and prospering for nearly ten thousand years are being lost – replaced by technology that only a few can understand and no one can repair or maintain without specialised knowledge, training and equipment. The romance has gone…although I don’t suppose the people who lived 150 years ago felt very romantic about it. I’m still pleased I live now. If you see him again, please tell him he must wear ear muffs, that sort of noise makes men deaf very quickly.

    • The romance and skills are mainly gone, very true. This smith is a pro, the shot I took during a show in a museum with a working forge. Thanks Rigby.

  3. How very cool! Just learning to blacksmith myself!

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