Staircase in sepia and color

One staircase, two angle of views, one pictured in sepia black and white, the other in colour. Were the colors of the walls and tiles on the floor carefully selected by the architects? – Does  the colour processing change the feeling of these pictures?

The building is in Tallinn, built during the Soviet regime, not before, not after. Thought the staircase needs some refurbishment, the flat I stayed was renewed next to perfect.




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2 Responses to Staircase in sepia and color

  1. Rigby says:

    It’s not the same staircase in both photos, is it? There’s something odd about the top left triangle of the coloured shot – it looks as if the wall that should be vertical is actually folded at the jagged white edge, and becomes sort of sloping horizontal…or someone’s painted an optical illusion. In the sepia photo, there’s something hanging on a slight diagonal over the left side of the window that isn’t there in the coloured shot—very strange. The tight curve of the wooden handrail is well made, showing someone once cared. The double-glazed window frames looks newish. Aluminium? I imagine it gets cold in Tallinn. There’s something odd about the perspective of the coloured tiles [a colour mismatch in my opinion] did you use a curved lens? The sepia shot at first seems more depressing, but after a while the coloured square tiles become even more depressing with their hopeless attempt at gaiety. Peeling paint, decay, it’s all so sad. I’ll bet the staircase echoed unpleasantly when children ran up and down yelling, and women’s heels clattered as they chattered, waking everyone when they came home late. I’m so glad I’ve never lived in a place like that.

    • These are two photos of the same level of the same staircase. The top left “hanging triangle” in both photos is the handrail ‘wall’ to the next floor, the same you can see on the left side of the steps going down. I just moved a meter to the right for the second shot. I used a slight wide angle lense and adjusted the the distortion (perspective) a bit, that’s why the tiles look stretched. – And yes, it echoed there.

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