October daybreak – Lokakuun aamunkoitto

Lake Lestijärvi in Central Finland a few minutes before 8am last Sunday. I woke up and saw that the horizon was in flames. The lakeshore was only some tens of meters away. I quickly grabbed the camera and tripod, and managed to take a few photos before the morning show was over in less than ten minutes.

Lestijärvi vähän ennen aamukahdeksalta viime sunnuntaina. Herättyäni huomasin, että horisontti liekehti. Matkaa rantaan oli vain muutama kymmenen metriä. Nappasin kameran ja jalustan, ja ehdin ottaa muutaman kuvan ennen kuin aamuinen luonnonnäytelmä oli ohi alle kymmenessä minuutissa.




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5 Responses to October daybreak – Lokakuun aamunkoitto

  1. Rigby says:

    I love the top photograph—it has everything. Clouds are racing away from the sun, creating a brilliant perspective. Their reflections in the water echo the superb, glowing boulders in the foreground. Delicate reeds cut across the tranquillity of the lake. A large island leads her offspring like a mother hen across the horizon. All with crystalline sharpness. Is it a digital image?
    “A red sky in the morning is the shepherd’s warning,” my father used to say—because it usually means rain. Is that also the case in Finland? Did it rain?
    How wonderful for you that you can stay in such a spot. I congratulate you for doing so, and for appreciating the wonders of the natural world.

    • Thanks Rigby! No rain during the day this time. 🙂 And I was lucky to be near that lake just at that time. I’m there only sporadically. – Yes, a digital image taken with Canon 5DM2 and EF 17-40 lense.

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