Fine Mexican Pottery in Helsinki, Arabia – Hienoa meksikolaista keramiikka

Surprisingly interesting exhibition in Design Museum’s Gallery Arabia, Helsinki: Fire and Clay The art of soft pottery in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Design Museon Galleria Arabiassa on tammikuun 22. päivään asti mielenkiintoinen näyttely “Tuli ja savi – Mexicon Oaxacan haurasta keramiikkaa”. Se kertoo monipuolisesti tämän eteläisen osavaltion keramiikasta sekä käyttö- että koriste-esineinä.

I admit: I didn’t have very high expectations about the exhibition in advance (and I’m far from being a pottery expert), but I was truly positively surprised in many ways. There are good variety of exhibits. The historical span is long. There is a lot of good information available.

The tradition of Mexican ceramics and pottery is thousands year long. This exhibition tells about the pottery in Oaxaca and mainly about the functional use of ceramics, somewhat less about the artistic works.

The opening event today was a bit packed, but I manage to get some pictures which I hope will tease you to see the exhibition yourself. There is still good time for that, it is open until 22 January. During the same visit you can see also Design Museum Arabia’s permanent exhibition.

Click any image to open the photo gallery.

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