Leopard tortoise

I met these Leopard tortoises (Stigmochelys pardalis) in Karoo National Park, South Africa. They are big beautiful animals, can weigh over 50 kg, and the shell can be up to 60 cm in diameter. Wikipedia says they can move fast, but these were very cooperating and let take several close-ups.

(I’m slow in processing the pictures: took these in September 2008.)


Click any image to open the gallery.

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4 Responses to Leopard tortoise

  1. These photos are amazing!

  2. Rigby says:

    What a photo! The detail of the leg bursting forth like a bizarre, pineapple-type fruit; the toes clawing into stones as if trying to take root. And the knowing leer, or is it a sneer, on the detail of the face as it chews on a straw with calculated nonchalance. And the symmetry and textures of the carapace, and the mottled head. Truly, delight is in the detail. And the sheer wonder and magnificence of the diversity of life that is so far beyond the possibility of any human to imagine, it makes me wonder at the sanity of people who think it rational to destroy the habitat of non-human animals, pushing them to extinction.
    At first I was slightly disappointed not to know the colours. But on reflection I think sharply focussed and high contrast monochrome allows us to see and appreciate the textures better. And as always, just enough information to complete the pleasure. I love it that you said you “met” the tortoises. Very fine photographs as worthy of a text book as an art gallery.

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