Art for December 20th: Fire and fabric

Untitled (1986), made by a Greek artist Jannis Kounellis, is an interesting mix of steel, cotton, wool and fire – materials that by intuition are not matching well together. I returned to watch is this art work a couple of time. The whoosh of fire in a quiet gallery was something different …

Kiasma, the contemporary art museum in Finland, May 2015.

Art picture every day until 1 Jan 2016! See all: Art For End Of 2015.


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2 Responses to Art for December 20th: Fire and fabric

  1. Rigby says:

    You really do have eclectic tastes, Ollie. These sorts of installations give me an inferiority complex because I can’t see the point; nor any beauty or skill or invention or intellectual basis. I keep wondering who would buy such a thing and who paid for it. I am alarmed at the idea that one of these things would become standard decoration [But is it decorative?] in every house and public building, gushing millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, relying on a vast infrastructure of mines, distilleries, pipes, ships and manpower to provide the gas that is used for no obvious purpose. Is it a comment on conspicuous consumption and egregious waste? Or a statement about the futility of all endeavour? And of course the big question asked by every philistine like me who thinks art should inspire the observer to be in some way a better person…Is it Art? 🙂

  2. Thanks for the compliment! 😀 I do like to keep my mind unlimited. Art is in the eye of the beholder.

    You might like to listen what Jannis Kounellis himself tells about his work:

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