Kimmo Pohjonen, the master of modern accordion

Have you ever thought how versatile instrument an accordion in the hands of a master can be? Just listen the music by  Kimmo Pohjonen, and you will be surprised.


Kimmo Pohjonen is not only an accordionist but also a fan of tailormade bikes.  (Helsinki, September 2015)

Now, in January 2016, Kimmo Pohjonen’s latest album “Sensitive Skin” (released last October), featuring “compositions exploring dynamic, new sonic territory” with special guests like Kronos Quartet, is on the top of World Music Chart Europe. The album is available both on CD and vinyl (of course!).

The genre of this music is somewhat challenging. According to the record label Ondine Octopus it is ‘crossover, contemporary, electronic and indie’. Just select your favorite.

In the video about making the album Kimmo tells more about the birth of the music:

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