Ai Weiwei HAMissa vielä helmikuun ajan

Olen jo kaksi kertaa blogannut kiinalaisesta yhteiskunta-aktivistista ja taiteilijasta Ai Weiweista. Kolmas kerta vielä, hyvää on mukava ‘markkinoida’.

Ai Weiwein näyttely Helsingin taidemuseossa HAMissa Tennispalatsissa on esillä vielä tämän helmikuun ajan. Kannattaa käydä. Kannattaa ehdottomasti tutustua teosten esittelyihin, niin saat niistä irti paljon enemmän.

The exhibition of the Chinese activist and artist Ai Weiwei is open in the Helsinki Art Museum HAM still till end of February. Worth to visit.


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3 Responses to Ai Weiwei HAMissa vielä helmikuun ajan

  1. Rigby says:

    Excellent photographs, but although it is clear all the exhibits are extremely well made, I can’t see the point in them. Is he trying to ‘say’ something? If so, what? I can’t help wondering if the Art establishment is playing a confidence trick on gullible audiences, and people are so terrified of being thought to be philistines, they pretend they think it is great art. I’ve seen several exhibitions of his work, and remain ignorant of his motivation.

    • I have an opposite opinion. Ai’s motivation is loud and clear: to support the ones who are powerless in front of the arbitrariness of those who rule. His work is not easily opening if you don’t know the context: material, timing, history. That’s why I strongly suggest that anybody who is visiting the exhibitions will take time to read also about the background of the artwork.

      At the same time I understand that we all are different, to like his work is a matter of taste, and that different opinions will create fresh dialogue.

      • Rigby says:

        Thanks for that. I will take your suggestion and do some background reading. I admire the quality of the exhibits, so I hope that shows I’m not a total ignoramus 🙂

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