Morning walk


Around 6:30am, just some minutes after the sunrise a monk walked barefoot on the shore of Gulf of Thailand in Hua Hin. Local people make merit by offering them food which the monks eat at 8am. For most of them this is the only solid food they consume before the sunrise next morning.


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2 Responses to Morning walk

  1. Rigby says:

    Superb! What a magnificent photograph! Scarlet-orange sunlight reflecting off the waves and illuminating the similar-hued, translucent robes of the monk. The textures of the sea are repeated in the folds of the robes, the shoulder bag and the sand, all perfectly counterbalanced by the horizontal line of a breaking wave and the beautiful brass bowl and smooth skin of the obviously healthy monk who creates the necessary vertical to complete the composition as he strides purposefully forward, aware yet self-contained. The sole indication of modernity is the glint of sunlight on his glasses.

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