Jackal buzzard

Jackal Buzzard - Kapinhiirihaukka

The jackal buzzard (Buteo rufofuscus, kapinhiirihaukka in Finnish) is a 45–55 cm long African bird of prey. It is endemic to South Africa (where this bird was photographed), Lesotho and Swaziland, and parts of Namibia, Mozambique and Botswana.

The adult South African jackal buzzard is strikingly plumaged. It is almost black above with a rufous tail. The primary flight feathers are blackish and the secondaries off-white, both barred with black. Below the chin and around the throat is mainly chestnut, and the rest of the underparts and the underwing coverts are rich rufous. The flight feathers from below are white, tipped with black to form a dark trailing edge to the wing.

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I will post every week “Thursday Twitters”, pictures of birds mainly from
Finland and Southern Africa, occasionally also taken elsewhere.
The source of the text is most likely Wikipedia or similar online article.

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4 Responses to Jackal buzzard

  1. Rigby says:

    Is this what they call a ‘tracking shot’ where you move the camera while following the bird? Must be difficult to avoid blurring the intended image. I find it remarkable that although their wings describe large arcs as they flap up and down, birds bodies remain almost stationary in the vertical plane. Butterflies are an even more extreme example of this. The tail seems relatively small. Nice photo.

    • Yes, this can be called a tracking shot. With this shot I had a a lot of luck, as it was shot from a window of a moving car, so sort of “double tracking”.

  2. Fantastic photo! Very special amongst all your other fantastic pics.

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