Chat Flycatcher

Chat Flycatcher - Kanelisavannisieppo

The chat flycatcher (Bradornis infuscatus, kanelisavannisieppo in Finnish) is an earthy light reddish-brown in colour and has large, pale wing edges. Juvenile flycatchers have speckled feathers. The flycatcher produces a song that consists of a “cher cher chirrup” sound. The bird is about twenty centimeters long.

The chat flycatcher is found in South Africa, Botswana and Angola. I took this picture near Nossob rest camp, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

The flycatcher frequently perches on low-lying bushes and telephone wires.[2] Its natural habitat is dry savanna. 

The chat flycatcher hunts insects. Specifically, it consumes termites, ants and beetles. The flycatcher also consumes small reptiles such as Typhlops, a genus of blind snakes.

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I will post every week “Thursday Twitters”, pictures of birds mainly from
Finland and Southern Africa, occasionally also taken elsewhere.
The source of the text is most likely Wikipedia or similar online article.

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5 Responses to Chat Flycatcher

  1. Rigby says:

    Astonishing. One of the best ‘birds in flight’ photos I can remember seeing. The detail on the wings is superb.

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