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Murals on the back street in Bangkok

These murals, painted elegantly with muted colors, are on a narrow back street (soi) on the edge of Bangkok’s China Town, Talat Noi. That is a great area for unplanned walk, street photography and escape from the busy main streets and shops.

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Apartment buildings in Tallinn

This buildings in Tallinn may not make justice for current Estonian architecture, but there is a certain functional – if not minimalist – charm in these. I guess all are built during the Soviet era (1940-1991), though I’m not sure … Continue reading

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A shy White-backed Mousebird

The white-backed mousebird (Colius colius, valkoperähiiro in Finnish) is a large species of mousebird. It is about 34 cm long, with the tail (which is not very visible in the picture) comprising approximately half the length. It is distributed in western … Continue reading

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A sad day for a Zebra Dove

Happened in Thailand, Hua Hin. Could happen almost anywhere. I was sitting quietly with my camera near the beach, where this Zebra Dove (Geopelia striata, in Finnish seeprakyyhky) was looking for something to eat. I turned my head and noticed a cat lurking … Continue reading

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Art from Trash installation exhibition

Some weeks ago I blogged about an environmental art project in connection with the cleaning of the shores of the Gulf of Finland in Helsinki, Tallinn and Turku. The collected debris and trash was then used to create installations according the concept created by artist Kristiina … Continue reading

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Erki Kasemets’ performance art day in Loviisa

Erki Kasemets is an Estonian artist who divides his creative activities into four categories: 1) documenting his private life, 2) polygon theatre, 3) trash art, and 4) performances. He has a keen interest in machines, kinetic art, games and inventing rules for games, … Continue reading

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Asian Openbill in flight

The Asian openbill (Anastomus oscitans, Aasian rakonokka in Finnish) is a large wading bird in the stork family Ciconiidae. This distinctive stork is found mainly in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. This photo was taken in Thailand. It is greyish … Continue reading

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