Erki Kasemets’ performance art day in Loviisa

Erki Kasemets is an Estonian artist who divides his creative activities into four categories: 1) documenting his private life, 2) polygon theatre, 3) trash art, and 4) performances. He has a keen interest in machines, kinetic art, games and inventing rules for games, sociological research and the art of theatre.

This spring Erki has been working in Loviisa Artists’ Studio in Finland, a residence for the artists of all the fields as well as to the music, writers and art researchers.


Erki Kasemets showing how to play the game “Structor 5” invented by him. All the rounds of the game will be documented (photographed) and it will eventually form an art project.

On Sunday 15 May, Erki had an open house in the residence. Visitors could play a game he has invented, estimate the number of stone tiles on the market square and join a performance in the square of Loviisa between the residence and the grand Town House and nearby pathways.

This is a short photo blog of the first part of the performance day.

Click any picture to open the gallery and read the captures.

1 – In the residence

2 – Tower showing the days Erki has spent in Finland

3 – The square is ‘blocked’

4- Counting the tiles of the square

5 – Erki Kasemets with his family


Oh yes, the number of the tiles on the square? It is 71,273 (five times more that I guessed).

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2 Responses to Erki Kasemets’ performance art day in Loviisa

  1. That is a fun and fabulous guy. I loved the concept and especially loved his paintings on the milk cartons. Great post!

    • He is! If you make a google image search with his name, you can see some grand installations he has made of painted milk cartons. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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