Apartment buildings in Tallinn

This buildings in Tallinn may not make justice for current Estonian architecture, but there is a certain functional – if not minimalist – charm in these. I guess all are built during the Soviet era (1940-1991), though I’m not sure about that. Pictures were taken during March and April this year.

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2 Responses to Apartment buildings in Tallinn

  1. Rigby says:

    To my surprise I agree with you, at least regarding the bottom picture. The variations in height and placement – some forward others behind, and the variation in window sizes together with their bold frames, makes for an interesting collection of apartments. However, they need an elegant parkland in front of them to look their best, not the miserable tin shed and car park. Why did you choose black and white? It always makes cityscapes look bleak. I suppose the buildings were grey concrete. The cropped photo on the banner makes the buildings look better than the full version below with the cars.

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