Sharp eyes on the beach of Barra


The ferruginous pygmy owl (Glaucidium brasilianum, ruostevarpuspöllö in Finnish) is the most numerous owl in South America. This small – length 15 cm – owl was sitting attentively on the breach of Barra in Rio de Janeiro.

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I will post every week “Thursday Twitters”, pictures of birds mainly from
Finland and Southern Africa, occasionally also taken elsewhere.
The source of the text is most likely Wikipedia or similar online article.

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2 Responses to Sharp eyes on the beach of Barra

  1. dunelight says:

    I have never seen an owl on the beach. Interesting.

    • It was quite early morning. Looked like the owl was in no hurry. It followed me with interest, but was not visibly disturbed. I didn’t spend many days there, so I cannot say, if that was common behavior for that owl.

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