Tuscany landscapes

Tuscany in Italy is well known for its lovely landscape and sceneries (not only chianti). Here are some taken in the province of Siena in June this year.


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2 Responses to Tuscany landscapes

  1. Rigby says:

    The middle photo that you also use as the banner for this page is a superb illustration of how civilization and farming can coexist without causing much harm. Houses jammed together on the high point so as not to waste arable land. Plenty of ‘wilderness’ areas, and small fields with natural borders. It looks so cosy and friendly – yet it wasn’t any better for living than anywhere else and probably still isn’t. Living cheek by jowl with others breeds problems, and until relatively recently armies crossed and recrossed on a regular basis. Yet it’s still beautiful to look at, and you’ve captured perfectly the romantic, timeless, Arcadian atmosphere that so much of rural Tuscany still evokes. The textures, colours, clouds and their shadows, seem to have been arranged specially for you. Thanks.

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