Murals by Saddo and Bon in Bangkok

Bukruk Urban Art Festival took place in January this year in Bangkok, Thailand. During the festival the walls of two opposite buildings at Soi Charoen Krung 28 were the huge canvases of street artists Bon and Saddo. – I saw their artworks two months later in March, but I trust they are still in place, though one day they will be torn away when the current buildings will make space for new constructions.

Bon (also known as Mue Bon) is a street artist living and working in Bangkok. He tells about his works: “Tends to be associated with the human story. The strange life of the animal in the world that is breaking. The strange life of humans and animals. In a world full of myths. The complexity of what is affecting the life of the society. Co-creating and sharing good things with fellow human beings together. In a world full of war and exploitation.”

Bon’s mural shows a bird-like figure (his alter ego?) balancing with a unicycle and carrying sweets. A very refreshing artwork in the maze of Bangkok!


Saddo (Raul Oprea Sebastian) is a Romanian artist, illustrator and muralist. He started his artistic career as founder of one of the first Romanian street art collectives, The Playground. He tells about his artistic development: “Going through many different phases and influences, from horror movie posters, street art, comics, Saddo has recently developed his style into more elaborate shapes, with many different influences from Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Bosch, Brueghel, Walton Ford, Henri Rousseau, naturalistic illustrations of plants and animals, Islamic miniatures, pop surrealism, religion, mythology.”

Also in Saddo’s mural is a bird wearing a human costume. Was that an coincidence or a pre-agreed motif with Bon? I don’t know, but now these two beautiful ‘birdhumans’ are nicely facing each other.


And no doubt the alley was much duller before these murals, as we can see from this Google street view image taken 2014.



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3 Responses to Murals by Saddo and Bon in Bangkok

  1. These are intriguing murals. Just had a look at the festival website and looks like there was a fair bit of wall art produced just down the road from where I’ll be staying later this year, so will definitely go and investigate to see if they are still there.

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