Cyclist’s Hell(sinki)?

Helsinki is getting more snow – and the city bikes are feeling lonely.



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4 Responses to Cyclist’s Hell(sinki)?

  1. Not very convenient to use the bikes in that weather for sure..I like snow for about 1 week in the year around Christmas 🙂 I am glad we don’t have snow yet here in Lodz, Poland!

    • Winter itself is not an obstacle for cycling, if only the cycleways are decently ploughed. I used to bike round the year to the work. Once it was snowing so heavily that cycling was totally impossible and I had to carry my bike several kilometers. It was a long way to home … but great exercise. 🙂

  2. Sartenada says:

    Have no idea about biking in wintry Helsinki, but I have been lucky to watch winter biking in Oulu. In Oulu, biking routes are ploughed very soon after snowfall. Oulu is the best bikeable town in Finland when in proportion to the number of inhabitants.

    Happy biking in Helsinki.

    • Thanks Sartenada for your comment. I’m not too active cyclist anymore, but I know that also the capital area is nowadays much better for winter biking than it used to be.

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