Willow ptarmigan in winter plumage

This bird has somewhat complicated name in English (maybe only for me), the willow ptarmigan, also know as willow grouse or red grouse (Lagopus lagopus, riekko in Finnish). The bird is shown in it’s white winter plumage. The black throat and the red wattles over the eyes are the very distinct.

This Thursday Twitters post is a blast from the past. I took these images on mid May 1982 in Naruska in Finnish Lapland (roughly here). Still plenty of snow still at that time of the year there. A suitable post for the last days of the year.


I probably used then Tamron 70-210mm,  which produced quite satisfactory images. (The scanning quality of the slides could be better though.) These birds seem to trust their white color so much that you can often quite easily approach them also with a shorter lense.


o – o – o

I will post every week “Thursday Twitters”, pictures of birds mainly from
Finland and Southern Africa, occasionally also taken elsewhere.
The source of the text is most likely Wikipedia or similar online article.

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2 Responses to Willow ptarmigan in winter plumage

  1. Rigby says:

    White on white; the classic test of skill. [You passed] I prefer the top photo with the balancing dark rock. the bird also has a more interesting pose – more questioning/nervous, less purposeful.

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