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Ai Weiwei HAMissa vielä helmikuun ajan

Olen jo kaksi kertaa blogannut kiinalaisesta yhteiskunta-aktivistista ja taiteilijasta Ai Weiweista. Kolmas kerta vielä, hyvää on mukava ‘markkinoida’. Ai Weiwein näyttely Helsingin taidemuseossa HAMissa Tennispalatsissa on esillä vielä tämän helmikuun ajan. Kannattaa käydä. Kannattaa ehdottomasti tutustua teosten esittelyihin, niin saat niistä … Continue reading

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Ai Wei Wei Helsingissä – nyt!

Kerroin blogissani reilu vuosi sitten kiinalaisen yhteiskunta-aktivistin ja taiteilijan Ai Wei Wein suurnäyttelystä Berliinissä. Summary: The works of Chinese activist and artist Ai Wei Wei will be shown in Helsinki Art Museum during 25 September 2015 – 28 February 2016 – a good reason to … Continue reading

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I need a rest

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Fruit seller waiting for customers

Seen in Beidaihe, China some years ago, but I guess the same can be seen today.

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Hotels, hotels, hotels

How well do we know the hotels where we are making a booking? How are the rooms? Lobby? Hotel’s surrounding? Pool and other facilities? Service? Luckily today we are able to know many of those things in advance. Online booking services … Continue reading

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Shooting balloons in Wuhan, China

Wuhan is the biggest city with 10 million people in Central China. Only a few Westerners could be seen in the city, when these pictures were taken in April 1992. Today the situation might be slightly different. Free-time fun in … Continue reading

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China, welcome!

Today was an important day. I got first readers from China. For some reason, China has not been willing to let WordPress be openly used there. Is it just a single incident that my blog got some hits from China … Continue reading

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