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The Fiddle and the Tin Whistle

Irish folk music played in pub sessions is one of the happiest music in the world, and  The Merry Ploughboy is one of the famous music pubs in Dublin. I did not visit the pub, but was lucky to listen couple of their players during … Continue reading

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Hotels, hotels, hotels

How well do we know the hotels where we are making a booking? How are the rooms? Lobby? Hotel’s surrounding? Pool and other facilities? Service? Luckily today we are able to know many of those things in advance. Online booking services … Continue reading

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Three (very different) trees

I have no ideas, how many different trees there are in Powerscourt Gardens in Ireland. Many. They all are beautiful. Here are three trees. I should name these trees, but I cannot. I don’t know them. Maybe you can help me. (I … Continue reading

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Autumn colors (Haiku) Syksyn värit

Dull and grey autumn: lack of inspiration. There are fine colors! Syksyn harmaus: näkemyksen puutetta. Värejä riittää! Haiku – Glendalough – Autumn colors

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Autumn around Glendalough Celtic Monastery, Ireland

This early November day was a bit rainy. That is quite common, especially when you are in Ireland. We were touring with Dublin Bus Tours from Dublin to Powerscourt and  Glendalough, a service which I can truly recommend. Glendalough is a location of … Continue reading

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Walking in Powerscourt Garden and House, Ireland

Powerscourt Estate in Ireland is one of the finest gardens in the world, if you believe National Geographic listing. I believe. It is impressive. The house is less spectacular, quite a commercial – shops, restaurant – building today. It was destroyed in a fire 1974, … Continue reading

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